Sunday, December 29, 2013

Individuals are NOT the Bride of Christ

I heard a pastor say it again. In the middle of a sermon on individual Christian's responsibilities; on how individual Christians should comport themselves; on how individual Christians should love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength, he said this:
You are the bride of Christ.
He then expounded on the reasons why, because Christians are the bride of Christ, they should act in a specific manner.

The bride of Christ is the church corporate. Individuals are NOT the bride of Christ.

Yes, I realize that I have stated before that I don't believe the bride of Christ is the Christian church. I believe that the bride of Christ is the nation of Israel. None the less, I understand the standard Christian teaching, and every denomination I can think of that teaches the bride of Christ doctrine teaches that the bride of Christ is the church corporate. I can't think of a single denomination (not one, nada, zero) that teaches that the doctrine applies to individuals.

It would be like walking up to an individual Christian and saying "you are the body of Christ." Individual Christians are part of the body of Christ, but no single individual Christian is the body of Christ. And no single Christian is the bride of Christ. Individual Christians are part of the church corporate, and the church corporate is the bride of Christ (at least that's how it's taught by most denominations).

I hate to harp on this. God isn't going to keep anyone out of heaven based on their beliefs in this matter, but it's clear to me that much error has crept into the church because of this teaching. Specifically, because people can't seem to resist taking the doctrine and applying it to individuals. If you are going to teach it, teach it "right."

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  1. Collectivism. The way sinful people avoid their responsibility to God. Let us talk of 'The Church' and not about Joe, or Betty, or Sam.